Where to buy stylish reusable face masks for the office and other corporate environments

Face masks are the new normal in Australia, well, at least here in Victoria.  As is working from home for the time being.

But no doubt, offices around Australia are redefining how we will work going forward.  A small handful are allowing their staff to work completely from home, while it is likely that in professional services, although we will spend more time working from home than we previously did,  there will be at least some office time required.

I’m not sure whether in future, Australians will be more open to donning a face mask when it’s not mandatory, but it is a possibility.   Perhaps people will be much more mindful about going into the office and using public transport while sick.

For now, face masks are definitely still mandatory in Victoria and there has been a huge range springing up to fill every need, from cloth face masks branded with corporate logos to stylish and fashionable options.

Although I haven’t even thought about my office clothes or shoes in months, one day the time will come to emerge from our homes. Here’s where you can buy stylish and professional looking washable and reusable fabric face masks in Australia.

Masks for Change

Masks for Change is a 100% Australian owned business with a huge range of face masks available.   Their unique selling point is that they donate $1 from every mask sale to a charity partner and they offer free shipping with no minimum spend.

Their resort collection is chic and stylish, triple layered with a 100% cotton inner lining.  In particular, the ‘nude’ resort collection mask would look great with any office outfit.  What can I say, I still love my neutrals.

Shop Masks for Change by clicking here.

Resort Collection Facebook Ad


Gorman offer a selection of printed and plain face masks, as well as packs of filters.  These are great for the women who aren’t afraid to introduce some colour into their office workwear.

Like Masks for Change, Gorman also offers multipacks, which will be very useful as face masks should ideally be washed after every use.

Shop Gorman by clicking here.

Ford Millinery

Ford Millinery have a huge range of face masks, starting at $29.95.

Their cute designs are pleated and reversible, which gives you more bang for your buck in terms of mixing up your corporate outfits.  I can picture their white cheetah print face mask with a simple, all black office ensemble.

Shop Ford Millinery by clicking here.

That Career Girl




Setting up an ETF portfolio using SelfWealth, Computershare and Sharesight

A few months ago, I decided to get back into investing. We had sold our apartment years ago and the proceeds had just been sitting in an online savings account. The fact that interest rates were getting lower and lower in Australia prompted me to look for alternative places for our savings and I had been reading up and listening on podcasts about exchange traded funds (ETF).

ETFs are investment funds that are traded on a share market, such as the ASX.  In this post, the words “ETF” and “share” can be used interchangeably.  When I refer to buying an ETF, I’m referring to buying a share of an ETF on the ASX.

While I had invested in a managed fund in the past,  I had never bought shares directly before. This post sets out the steps I followed to set up my ETF portfolio. (more…)

A winding path to financial freedom


It’s said that success isn’t a straight line and the same can be said for the state of my personal finances. Having been quite strict with budgeting and saving, over the past six months I’ve found myself falling asleep at the wheel. I became more relaxed about using a credit card and found myself dipping into my savings as I began living paycheck to paycheck. We always had more than enough to pay our bills and mortgage and my superannuation funds continue to grow, however I wasn’t actually saving anything in immediately accessible funds, which made me feel like I wasn’t making any progress.   (more…)

Hope springs eternal, even in corporate law.


Corporate law can evoke images of towering glassy skyscrapers, fast walking, fast talking and deal making. Even the mountains of paperwork and late nights are made to look glamorous against a backdrop of twinkling city lights. Well, actually, behind the shiny marble reception, if you’re not careful or if you’re too willing, corporate law will take more and more of you, fostering what can be quite a sad existence.

This is how it happens. (more…)

Budget friendly tips for wedding planning

I recently came across our wedding budget spreadsheet on my computer (we got married in March) and as I browsed over the expenses, it occurred to me that I learned a lot of cost-related lessons throughout the wedding planning process. Although I don’t intend to be getting married again anytime soon, I thought I’d publish some tips for other cost conscious brides in waiting. (more…)

Modelling the impact of our financial decisions (with very little effort)

Numbers don’t come to me as naturally as words do and this partly explains why I jumped on the personal finance bandwagon a bit later into my twenties. Luckily, many of the basic and sound personal finance concepts can be powerfully communicated using various online calculators.

Here are a few examples using the calculators from the MoneySmart website. (more…)

Adelaide based law firm to charge new lawyers $22,000.00 for legal supervision

phdfindajobA few months ago, I wrote this post speculating on the proposal by a new Adelaide based law firm, Adlawgroup to charge newly admitted Lawyers $22,000.00 for a job. At that stage, I was speculating on the remuneration structure, but it has been confirmed that the Lawyers would not receive a base salary, but rather a commission.

In this article which was posted a few days ago, The Australian has confirmed that the Fair Work Ombudsman has inquired into the business model but is taking no action. Further, Law Society of South Australia president Rocco Perrotta is quoted saying that he expected a review into the business model to be completed within weeks and that the Law Society had no regulatory powers and could not prevent the firm from proceeding. Apparently 25 applicants are lined up and ready to begin. (more…)