Thanks for Welcoming Me, WordPress Community.

I can barely believe that on 17 January last month, fuelled by a sudden desire to document my career and MBA journey, I wrote my first blog post. This past month of daily blog reading and every-so-often blogging has absolutely flown by, and I’m feeling so welcomed by the members of the WordPress community that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across (thank you!).

I have particularly enjoyed reading the lovely and encouraging comments on my previous post about my Intensive Job Interview Preparation Guide and discussing your everyday career dilemmas and encounters. Blogging has been so rewarding, offering me an outlet to express myself and also motivating me to become an early bird (in order to fit in my half-hour WordPress dose!).

In other exciting news, Lifehacker Australia published my post about saving for retirement as a 20-something on their website today! It’s the first time that my writing has been viewed by so many people and there have been quite a few comments left! I’ve skimmed the comments but I want to leave it until tomorrow before I read them properly so I can mentally prepare myself for criticism, strange right? I really must work on that thick skin; people just aren’t mean (to your face) enough in corporate land.

Anyway, I have a decent list of topics sitting in my Wunderlist app, which I look forward to sharing with you…and I’m sure there will be a lot of writing inspiration when I start MBA studies in April…such as, ‘the emotional toils of financial accounting and constant group work – a survival story’ (I hope).

That Career Girl



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