A Little Home Office Inspiration

GravatarMy partner and I are renting an apartment just outside of Melbourne CBD and the photo to the left is my makeshift work space slash dining table, slash living area (But let’s be honest, I spend a lot more time on the couch).

We’re in the market for our first home, and the room or nook that I’ll be looking forward to decorating the most is the home office! My essentials are an ergonomic desk chair (there’s only so much that yoga can do!), a lot of desk space, shelf storage and a comfy (yet gorgeous) grey tweed armchair (my partner is not impressed with my fondness of tweed). For now, here’s a little home office inspiration.


In other news, we’re picking up my mum from the airport in a few hours, she’s coming for my ‘becoming a Lawyer‘ admission ceremony at the Supreme Court on Tuesday. And of course, I need to go shopping for a new suit jacket to wear for the occasion. I hope everybody has a relaxing and/or productive weekend!

That Career Girl



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