Timeless and Simple Accessories for Work

Timeless Career Girl Accessories

I’m a big believer of keeping it simple when it comes to career dressing and dressing in general. A black leather handbag and purse, a range of leather heels and flats in neutral tones and some simple jewellery are my tried and tested everyday accessories. ┬áNeutral, simple, capsule dressing means I never have to change my handbag or worry about matching my accessories to my clothes. Having a very small range of accessories means that I can invest in quality and long lasting pieces. For more career girl style, visit this section of my blog.
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  1. Investing in long-lasting quality accessoires is a great idea, but they can be colorful as well.
    I at least have not yet grown tired of my shocking pink Valextra wallet, which might had to do with the hefty price tag, but it has been 5 years since I bought that as a treat for having finished my apprenticeship and I still love the wallet to death to be honest.

    XXX Moi

    1. Yeah definitely I agree they can be colorful as long as you’re consistent with your preferences (which you are) so they stand the test of time. I find that I can never commit to colors so end up spending more money!

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