About Me

Hi, welcome to That Career Girl.

I’m a twenty-something Lawyer and MBA graduate living in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been donning pencil skirts, drinking bad coffee and navigating the corporate jungle all day every (week)day since ’07, having fronted up to attend a university lecture just once during my law studies.  As at May 2015, I have taken the plunge into the world of private practice. Prior to this, I worked in a handful of national corporations in a variety of capacities (contracts, franchising, compliance, governance, operations and corporate incident management).

When I decided to begin my MBA, I tried to do as much research as possible.  There were a lot of articles about the merits of completing an MBA, comparisons between schools, rankings and all of that good stuff.  But I was sceptical. I was after a real person’s experience.  The admissions process.  How nervous they were at induction.  How nervous they were to be studying financial accounting (I didn’t choose law first because numbers are my best friend).   So I found that forums and blogs were much more useful. In fact, I look to these platforms to answer all the pressing questions that arise whether it be financial, lifestyle or travel.  Since starting it, the blog content has been dictated simply by what’s on my mind.

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. If you have a question or would like me to cover anything in particular, please contact me here.

Thanks for reading.

That Career Girl



  1. Thanks for the like on my post, your blog looks great 🙂 i’m currently trying to look into how my partner and I can work and travel in Australia for a year so coming across your blog has been really interesting to start reading!

  2. I’m super impressed that you have started to focus on money management in your 20s. In the PF blogosphere, it seems to be hip to do that, but I didn’t really start thinking about this until recently, so I’m playing catch-up. But, of course, better late than never. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hi, thanks for liking my post, not just because appreciation feels good, but also because it made me come across a wonderful blog as yours. I am already awed by the titles in your recent posts. And on the list post – that is awesome! It reminds me of an episode of the hugely popular sitcom – ‘Friends’, and the character – ‘Monica’. I swear by lists too.

    Have already followed your blog, looking forward to more of you on wordpress!

  4. Thanks for the like. I love that we are a world away, and yet can connect like this. So cool. And kudos on your aspirations. I’m sure, based on your innovative thinking to confirm your interest in an MBA via blogs, that you will be successful.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi,
    My hearty wishes to your career and studies too. As a mom,faculty and part time student I know how it would be working,studying and managing home all at a time. But the result makes us proud and a step ahead of others.
    Good luck!!

  6. Thanks for all of the support! I hope we can collaborate on something in the future. Let me know if I can add value to something you are working on. I hope we can curate, collaborate, and change something together soon!

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