A Capsule Wardrobe – Summer Corporate Style

Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe



The First Three Months of a New Role

Personally, I never feel more pressure than in the first three months of a new role. Admittedly, a lot of that pressure is self inflicted because I’m very conscious of establishing myself within a new team, making a good impression and achieving some results quickly. My aim is to have Management consciously recognising that I have made things better and therefore being reassured that my appointment was a wise decision. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when starting a new role.


Build rapport

Build rapport and build it quick. Chances are that you are joining a team where relationships and a team culture or ‘way of doing things’ has already been established. Some thoughtful people will make an attempt to get to know you, however people are busy and being the new person, you should make the effort to connect with others. Some benefits of quickly settling into the team culture are:


Movie and Television Characters for Office Wardrobe Inspiration

Jessica Pearson from Suits

Jessica Pearson from Suits

If you are starting your first office job or simply in need of some wardrobe inspiration, these television shows and movies will provide just that. I’ve compiled this list based on characters that have a consistently enviable office wardrobe and where the clothes can actually be worn at a real workplace. This means no cleavage and skirts that fall just above the knee or lower. It’s an added bonus that these shows and movies are actually very watchable, so check them out. (more…)