Gender Bias

Are Women Prejudiced Against One Another in the Workplace?

women-fighting-at-work-637x355I have been fortunate enough to get to this point in my career without thinking very much about gender disparities that exist in the workplace. I suppose it has been a combination of being young and naive starting out, and being a part of diverse workplaces where women were well represented at all levels of management.   At one of my prior roles, all 3 levels of management above me were women, right up to the CEO. So I suppose that I have had it easy, and that this sort of ignorant enjoyment of equality is the reason that some women, particularly younger women, denounce feminism.

But I read and hear all the time that gender inequality still exists. This is seen when it comes to the differences in pay between the sexes, the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) publishing that in May 2013, the average Australian woman earned $266.20 per week less than the average Australian man. The WGEA go on to attribute this gap to the following factors:  (more…)