resigning from your job

Resigning after less than a year, should you ever do it?


I’m currently in the last week of serving out my notice period at my current workplace. The kicker? I’ve only been with this firm for 9 months. Yes, I did what I never thought I’d do and took a new job having been in my current role for less than a year. (more…)


Resigning gracefully: 15 Dos and Don’ts for serving out your notice period

Life-is-a-balance-of-holding-and-letting-goIt’s a small world and with the widespread use of websites such as LinkedIn, it’s getting much smaller. It is therefore not advisable to drop the ball in terms of your behaviour as soon as you resign from a role, no matter what you think of your employer.

These are my tips on resigning gracefully and ensuring that your final weeks with your employer help, rather than hinder your career.